IoT Microcontroller (SmartMCU™)


3.51 mm X 3.60 mm

RS12000 SmartMCU™ series is the world's first MCUs which "Unifies" low-power and high-performance into a single gear-shifting core. Designed at 40 nm, RS12000 series from Redpine integrate multiple cores of high performance Cortex® M4F, large memory, high end security and comprehensive peripherals while retaining small size and low power. With a ground-up design targeted at IoT, these MCUs simplify the challenges of device developers by providing all features that the myriad of things would need in a single SoC.

The RS12100 and RS12300 are the first two single core chips of the RS12000 SmartMCU™ family. The RS12100 and RS12300 SmartMCUs, both integrate two cores of an ARM® Cortex M4F with frequency variants up to 250 MHz, SRAM of 400 KB and flash up to 4 MBytes. In addition, they integrate a DSP sensor hub co-processor at 125 MHz that accelerates DSP processing (CMSIS-DSP) and machine learning (CMSIS-NN) functions within a local sensor data buffer, thereby freeing up the M4. The RS12200 of SmartMCU™ family has dual ARM Cortex M4F with frequency variants of up to 250 MHz each, SRAM of 800 KB and flash up to 8 MBytes.

In addition, the RS12300 is further optimized for secure and network connected IoT devices, with the MCU running the network stacks. RS12300 integrates a four-threaded network security processor at 160MHz with the ability to run an embedded TCP/IP stack, offload the primary M4 processor and provide the IoT designer full access to the M4 processor cycles and RAM. Also, RS12300 is based on a trusted execution environment (TEE) architecture with a separate security processing subsystem, with high-security levels ideal for applications, such as, smart locks, medical devices and secure voice-based ordering. The RS12300 has a dual core variant to support high end applications.


(Cortex®-M4F upto 250 MHz, DSP co-processor upto 125 MHz, Upto 400 KB RAM and 4 MBytes Flash)

High-Performance MCU

(Two Cortex®-M4F upto 250 MHz each, DSP co-processor upto 125 MHz, Upto 800 KB RAM and 8 MBbytes Flash)

Secure MCU with Trusted Execution Environment

(Cortex®-M4F upto 250 MHz, DSP co-processor upto 125 MHz, 160 MHz Network Security Processor, Upto 400 KB RAM and 4 MBytes Flash)