Dual Mode Bluetooth 5 with Cortex-M4F Application Processor


Redpine Signals' RS13100 WiSeMCUTM family of EVk's provides ultra-low power dual-mode Bluetooth® 5 and up to 180 MHz ARM® Cortex®-M4F application processor with advanced security and a rich set of digital/analog peripherals. The RS13100 provides the necessary wireless connectivity options and processing power for audio, data transfer, locationing and control/monitoring applications for wearable, home automation, industrial automation, lighting and home appliance markets.

Solution Highlights

  • Highly integrated and secure solution with dual-mode Bluetooth 5
  • Efficient on-chip application processor based on ARM Cortex-M4F with up to 180 MHz performance, up to 4 MB dedicated flash and up to 272 kB of RAM
  • Support for BLE 5 long range (125 kbps), high data rate (2 Mbps) and advertising extensions
  • Ultra-low power consumption with multiple power modes to reduce the system energy consumption
  • Multiple levels of security including PUF (Physically Unclonable Function), Crypto HW accelerators, Secure Bootloader and Secure Zone, to create a highly secure system
  • Integrated wireless stacks and profiles for easy evaluation and integration
  • Leading edge RF performance (up to 20 dBm output power for BLE and 802.15.4) providing long range up and higher throughputs
  • Unique peripherals like ULP sub-system, Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and up to 8 capacitive touch sensor inputs

Evaluation Kit Contents

The RS13100 Evaluation Kit comes with the following components:

  • SDIO Adapter Cable
  • SPI Cable
  • 2 Micro A/B-type USB Cable
  • RS14100 IO Base Board
  • Wireless Daughter Card
  • GPIO Header
  • JTAG
  • Debug Card
  • Wireless Simple APIs (SAPI) based examples
  • Open source linux drivers
  • Demo examples for faster evaluation

Evaluation Board

Evaluation Board Pinout Labels

Product Brief

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PDF 3.58 MB Apr 2019

EVK Resources

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PDF 20700 KB Feb 2019

Hardware Resources

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PDF v1.3 235 KB Jul 2019
PDF v1.1 100 KB Jul 2019
PDF v1.2 122 KB Jul 2019
Base Board Assembly PDF v1.3 449 KB Dec 2019
B00(M4SB) EVK Daughter Board Assembly PDF v1.1 225 KB Dec 2019

Software Resources

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PDF v1.4 10.9 MB Oct 2018
PDF v1.1 23.6 MB Oct 2018
PDF v1.0 1.81 MB Oct 2018
PDF v1.2 1.15 MB Oct 2018
PDF v1.6 776 KB Oct 2018
PDF v1.6 975 KB Oct 2018

Development tools

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WiSeStudio WiSeStudio User Guide Download

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