White Papers

Redpine's power consumption up to 25x lower than competing solutions.

Tolly Group compares Wi-Fi standby associated, Wi-Fi TCP + TLS and Wi-Fi + BLE testcases with 3 competitors

Published in Tolly - 24 January, 2019.

How Secure is the Future of Communication?

Published in Chip Design - October, 2017.

Wi-Fi in Sensor Applications

Published in September, 2016.

IEEE 802.11n advantage

Published in Embedded - June, 2011.

Ultra Low Power 802.11n Wi-Fi - Wireless Connectivity for "The Internet of Things"

Published in Low-Power Wireless - June, 2010.

A Comparison of Wi-Fi® and Zigbee® Technologies for Home Area Communications in 2.4GHz

Published in January, 2010.

802.11n Wireless Connectivity Supports Seamless Industrial Networks

Published in RTC Magazine - August, 2009.

Wi-Fi Radio Receives Custom ISA

Published in Microprocessor Report - July, 2009.

Replacing RS-232 with 802.11n Wireless

Published in Industrial Control Designline - June, 2009.

802.11n Wi-Fi in RFID

Published in Industrial Embedded Systems - May, 2009.

Wi-Fi in Sensor Applications

Published in April, 2009.

Mobile Handsets

Published in EETimes India - December, 2008.

Over-Wi-Fi Implementation with Single Stream 802.11n

Published in Portable Design - September, 2008.

Wireless Handheld Devices -- The 802.11n Advantage

Published in Mobile Handset DesignLine - July 31, 2008.