Redpine's power consumption up to 25x lower than competing solutions.
Tolly Group compares Wi-Fi standby associated, Wi-Fi TCP + TLS and Wi-Fi + BLE testcases with 3 competitors



Publication date:   24 January 2019
Document number:    218146
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The ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT) relies heavily on battery power. Unlike mobile phones and tablets, IoT devices such as doorbells, smart locks and remote sensors cannot easily be recharged. Other devices like wearables have very small battery sizes imposing tighter power constraints. Thus, prolonging battery life by minimizing power consumption becomes a critical concern in IoT.

Redpine Signals commissioned Tolly to evaluate two of their IoT SoCs, the RS9116 and the RS14100 and compare their power consumption with competing IoT offerings from Cypress Semiconductor, Qualcomm Technologies and Texas Instruments. Tests included Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) scenarios and benchmarked power consumption in Wi-Fi Standby Associated Mode, while running a secure TCP stack (with and without co-channel traffic) and in a multiprotocol scenario using BLE.

The power consumption of the Redpine Signals solutions was dramatically lower than the competition in every test scenario.

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