A wholly owned subsidiary of Redpine Signals, Inc.


Cipherdot is an AI and IoT systems company offering new generation automation, IoT, business intelligence and analytics solutions for enhanced operational efficiency, enhanced security and safety in multiple industries including Logistics, manufacturing, mining, healthcare, transportation, smart building and retail. Cipherdot system solutions comprise unique hardware devices with universal connectivity, physically un-cloneable security, built-in edge intelligence, location intelligence, AI inference for enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.

Cipherdot's Intelligent IoT systems cover real-time medical diagnostics, fall and other activity detection, video analytics and other applications in operation today in our identified verticals. For creating AI applications, Cipherdot offers an Enterprise Class Deep Neural Network (EcDNN™) platform for advanced video analytics, and the QueSSence™ Edge Intelligent platform that helps create next generation IoT system solutions with built-in intelligent software library.

Cipherdot's RTLS product portfolio includes the world's first dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi asset tags, personnel tags, warehouse tags, tags embedded in mining cap lamps and others that find extensive applications in Logistics, Healthcare, Mining and other industries. The product offerings also include infrastructure devices that enhance wireless coverage and provide accurate localization, location determining software, advanced enterprise software that runs on premise or in the cloud providing industry specific business analytics and workflows.